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Originally Posted by chrish4ku View Post
Jesus arose out of the desert and said thou shalt ride on the day of my resurrection. (and ride in the desert if that works) and thou shalt turn water into wine (and beer if you must).

That is my vision as a good Christian.

chris, you got to make this, another good opportunity for norcal and socal peeps to ride together. that's how this event got started.

Originally Posted by Shockdoc View Post
In x2.. Thu-Sun, truck in, 450x/KTM 530, PMed Joel on rooms.

Originally Posted by der_saeufer View Post
Hey, that's the end of my spring break.

Most likely in, riding solo on a V-Strom from LA. Can't pull an Airstream with a Wee, so tent it is. I don't need a whole site to myself--I have a one-man tent and can hide pretty much anywhere.
hope school is good and you deserved this much needed spring break!

btw, you kicked the trojans' ass yesterday.

Originally Posted by Kendrick View Post
In. Riding, 950SE, Camping.

Take the SE Aaron, I'll follow you up.
matt, it's been a while from the bike night hosted by it will be good to see you again, just try not to get hurt before the event.

i have been toying of getting bigger tent, provisions in case it rains.

something like this.

will pm you if we really need it.

Originally Posted by YetiGS View Post
Now you're feeling my pain from WARPED a few years ago. It had to be on Easter for the same reason this does. Some people got SO worked up over it.
scott, i agree that's a tough one. people have to realize the riding window for big events or rallies is pretty small, especially whenever the severe weather becomes part of the equation.

holding it earlier is not an option. the bmw rally has the campground the week before, earlier than that we get the winter storm. in april, there are 2 big events -warped and mendo rally. there's also the mex1000 which i'm already committed to be in the support crew.

we used to hold this event in november, good weather too but i noticed more people come to the march rally because they suffered from "cabin fever".....
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