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Originally Posted by deadbird View Post
Great to have you all healed up and back on the moto.
You coming to California this winter?
Thx - Probably. Ankle still won't fit in a ski boot correctly plus it's not looking like powder anytime soon.

Last day for Neffr, Professor, Killurtv and myself. We knew it had warmed above camp and dedicated today to the snow - letís see where it is, how deep, what consistency and if we can put together a lasso of high country.

Nice weather, a little warmer.

Gathering up the crew.

LilPossum no problem!

This will all grow back.

Itís tuesday and I have one phone thing to do for about 20 minutes. Weíre at the Y junction of a road Iíve never been up, itís totally burned up but leads into a deep canyon for an out-and-back explore.

Those guys all roll ahead.

Wow - it was hot down in here

Watch what happens though!

Letís keep lookiní around - back out of the canyon

Up near the top, the snow is soft and foamy. Nothing is frozen and traction is actually good for the thumpers - sure glad I wasnít on that 990

Then it became a bit deeper, colder.

We could see that weíd be riding in solid snow for the next few miles and probably beyond. It could end up in a ________ if we continued north.

Why not explore this little plateau spur? Itíll probably dead end but weíre here, letís go check it out.

Weíre not very far up but itís on a really cool prow.

My 525 is an awesome machine - so glad to be back on the bike. (And that I put the forks back from the 10mm lowering for the Gifford - the thing turns way better again!)

The next snow will freeze up all this burnt chocolate.

We thought there might be a fire break gouged down but cliff bands made that unlikely once we got a good look.

Letís go visit an old homestead and see if the place survived the fire.

WOW! Itís gone. There were 2 houses in this little scene, the root cellar to one can be seen over on the right at the base of the hill.

The barn is also completely gone. It was in the center of this scene surrounded by aspen and tall willow trees, you could barely see it amongst the foliage.

Weíd better start back as we have a 5 hour truck to home.

Dusty burnt chocolate with no frosting.

The setting sun through the clouds was spectacular.

Thanks for inviting us to your birthday party MrDualsport and LittlePossum! I forgot to mention the cake and festivities last night but Professor has a bunch of shots to share.

The fire jumped all kinds of willow stand and mahogany. Even though it was a nasty blaze, it wonít take long for this to come back.

Thatís about all I have. Thanks again for the invite, it was a great moto trip with a great group of friends!

ps. Not as healed as I thought. Rode with a bunch of single track maniacs yesterday and had to abandon the group at about 45 miles, totally fatigued - bonked.

An hour later one guy crashed and broke his collar bone dang it.

Gotta take it easy to keep it going for now.
What's next? More action!
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