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The Visitors' Center

In some ways this is one of the neatest visitorís centers Iíve seen and in others itís the worst so far.

Just outside of the door is the standard plaque giving the names of all the politicians who took our tax money and did things with it so that they could be remembered. The governor at the time this building was built was Ray Blanton. He left office under the shame of selling prison pardons for profit. I moved to Orlando shortly after that and began working in a high rise building down town. I remember getting onto an elevator that he was exiting one day. He seemed much shorter in person.

One of the reasons this particular visitorís center ranks low on the list of those that Iíve visited is that itís quite small and the displays of information are not very well done. This one does have a number of geodes in it and my children used to break open river rocks from behind our old house and occasionally would find one. The ones on display were very large and beautifully colored in purple.

What makes this center one of the best Iíve visited is the tower. You go inside and then up a series of stairs to the top where you can see the forest, the dam and the lake.

The top of the staircase is well done with a wood ceiling. By the way, for the OCD Adventure Riders, there are 97 steps to the top.

Hereís one view looking toward the dam.

Hereís another one showing more of the trees behind the visitorís center.
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