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For a long time I hadn't had to be concerned about time or deal with a concrete schedule. But when travelling through Tibet with your own vehicle, the money you pay to the Chinese government for permits and all, determines how much time you get to play with. Apart from falling behind in our schedule we had another problem. We would be travelling at high altitude for a while. And to prevent altitude sickness, which is not something you should take too lightly, we were supposed to adjust slowly. Going up maybe 1500 - 2000 meters in a few hours and then going down again wasn't so much a problem. But if you spend a few hours up at these heights, or even spend the night, this can kill you. I think there is a rule of thumb. I'm not entirely sure, but it's something like: "Don't sleep more than 800 meters higher than the night before." Obviously this only applies above 3500m / 11500feet. No problem if you sleep at the beach and then go up 1500m / 5000feet.

Due to our setback in time, we couldn't make the stops as planned. Some days we would cross a number of high mountain passes and when stopping at the peak, taking pictures for a few minutes made us realize pretty quickly you start to feel light-headed and soon start to feel sick. It's like when your whole body hates you. The a quick descent into the next valley would immeditately help. We knew however, that further East of Lhasa, we wouldn't have opportunity of going down again for a while. We would be riding / driving at 14000 feet and higher for over a week with no way down. And this is when I got food poisoning from something I ate…
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