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Originally Posted by grneggz View Post
Engines need some backpressure to perform better. Obviously, if you knew where the engine performed best and at what level of backpressure, then you could engineer and size the exhaust to create the required backpressure, but that's not what I'm trying to do.

Just asking if you run your LV w/ or w/o the insert....
I actually now have this.......

As I would agree with Lukas, imho, the LV one is obnoxious open......but the motor was breathing better, a bit better throttle response, and just a few mpg better open, I could not handle the tone. That is ever, and is a biased thing. Several fellow riders like theirs open, and that is all great. As far as the motor goes. I think it ran better open.... But yet again, That is why I made my own pipe. I think the back pressure is created with the cat, and the headers. The natural flow through the pipe is in pulses, and there are many different ways to create the back pressure you speak of as goo for the engine. Usually the worst way to do this is by narrowing the exit.

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