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Godspeed, Robert
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Learn one, teach one... and I still owe a bunch.

Let me 'splain sumpthin:

I have benefitted so much from other people showing me and teaching me stuff. I got a chance to show some new guys how to do a simple valve check. It's a simple operation, and as we all know no other adjustment/check makes such a difference.

I goofed when I told y'all the motor turns counterclockwise; please note that it turns clockwise. Also, I should have told you that one checks your valves on a COLD engine.

Anyway, thanks for watching on and for your enthusiasm and for your great questions. Jenna, Blain, Brad, Fred, Omar, Dan, Rick... I learn so much from you. I'm glad I had the chance to give back just a little bit.

Next tech day's at my place. Holla!
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