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Over the next 4 days we rode through Toluca, Cuernovaca, Izucar de Matamoros, then finally arriving in Oaxaca for some down time to explore the city. The other towns were nothing exciting in accommodations or eateries, it was just a path of 600+ slow moving miles taking the small roads in order to avoid the hefty toll ways.

The road to Cuernovaca was beautifully paved, gaining elevation and twisting through alpine like foliage. It was so lovely I stopped to take a picture, but when I went to restart my machine, there was nothing...not even the click of a starter trying to engage. I ran through a quick checklist of what it could be, but trying to figure it out on a goat path next to twisty roads in which cars believe its a good idea to pass even though you can't see around the corner, I decided to not take too long. We tried to push it to bump start it and again nothing. Gaining the help of local policia, We finally pushed it far enough over the crest to gain downhill speed, let the clutch out and vrooomm...back to life he roars. It was an easy downhill coast most of the way to the city, but finding a hotel for the night with parking and wifi proved to be hard. I left the bike running knowing it wouldn't start again, but all the running around and then becoming stuck in tight traffic, my bike overheated and died. I pushed my KLR onto the sidewalk and began tearing it apart, looking under the seat in hopes it would have been as easy as a fuse. Nope. The other rider in scouting out hotels, noticed another hill (luckily these towns were full of them because this became common this night) I could bump start it. Finally finding a hotel that met our needs, the staff was kind enough to laugh at me for being a woman mecanica as I dug into the bike yet again. With the help of Randy and diagrams, we chased it to the ignition only to find the connection had come apart. Less than a minute to fix and the bike fires up again. I was glad I didn't have to spend any more time there than was needed.

Heading south along Route 190 thankfully turned into big sweeping curves, a needed relief from the previous days slow miles of towns and topes.

I was excited to finally make it to Oaxaca, be able to wander around town and try some delicious mole! We found a hostel right near centro with decent parking for the bikes. Even ran into another rider who was packed high taking a passenger and his gear to a beach south of there....

Next up... crossing the border into Guatemala ...
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