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Laugh I'm in love!! Falling for the GasGas 80....

Many of you were kind enough to share a variety of advice before I took the leap and purchased this bike. As I mentioned previously, we got a great price on it (needing some work) and agreed that, if I hated it, we would rehab it over winter and rehome it in spring.

Nope, I am SOOO not hating it!

Plusses, you ask? why I'll be happy to share!
1. I can start her, any time any where, or danged near it, including using my less-than-ideal right knee. In fact, today, I started it in a static balance!!! I can't pull out from there, but at least I got the start!
2. I can wheelie her with ease and without fatiguing rapidly, just about any time anywhere. It is becoming muscle memory and the heart-pounding fear that I won't manage to get her off the ground is 95% gone now.
3. She is improving my clutch control skills with every ride. It is rare that I get behind her power curve going up hill and get in trouble, and rarer every trip.

She still needs some additional work by my fabulous mechanic/hubby/riding buddy, but she's just been so much fun these past 10 days or so. I hate that it is fall and it will be months until we compete again.....

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