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October 31, 2012

Cast Away the Ropes, Time to Roll

Wednesday - I skipped days due to rain and cold in Kentucky.

So Sandy ripped through West Virginia dumping snow at Snow Shoe Ski Resort. I was just there a week ago.

After a very extended visit with my Mom, it was time to go and run south from the storm. Breakfast the old school meal – total comfort food and made by my Mom, the best food evaaaar.

This picture breaks my heart. My Mother is so worried about this ride. She did not know I purchased the motorcycle until I arrived at home.

I leave with bad weather in a SW to NE line that I know I will have to ride through. I get to Grayson Lake area when I stop to add on the rain gear. My ass is going to get kicked. Temperature is mid 30’s. I got to get south.

This was a common site as a kid. Mail Pouch would paint your whole barn for a little advertisement. As a kid I preferred Days Work tobacco.

Grayson Lake

My hope was to travel the eastern Kentucky coal fields but the weather was cold and as I approached Jackson from West Liberty, the precipitation was sleet and some snow. This was the first time on my ride I asked myself what the hell an I doing? The area was beautiful in this wet and foggy day. Scattered remote little towns that don’t take to well to outsiders. The coal miners and farmers that grow up here and stay here and die here are unique and strong individuals. They live in towns with names like Hazard, Rowdy, Hell for Certain, Comfort. I will come back here again some day and ride with my old college roommate.

I stopped to warm my hands. Jo Jo is helping me out as best she can. So standing there with the heater going I decided it was time for a road side piss. As I am whizzing I turn and feel the exhaust on my crotch. Oh my goodness that feels so good. This was becoming a most epic piss. The warm between my legs was so nice. And I am nearly done I open my eyes and look down. I suppose with every positive there is a negative? My right pant leg is now covered with urine due to the warm and pleasing exhaust.

Oh well, as my Mom says I’m wear and wash. I think it was worth it, I was cold and still a ways from the Tennessee border and warmer weather. In the meantime, my plans for a nice night camping are diminishing with every bone chilling mile. I made into Summerset Kentucky and lay it down for the night. I noticed that Jo Jo was getting hot while stopped. As I got going the temperature would go back to normal. I made my first “Talk Me Off the Ledge Call” to NMTrailBoss. Curtis recommended that I check the coolant levels, check for the fan running after idling a while and also make sure the fan was spinning. Yes, of course, come on Ateam think clearly.

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