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I am not a high mileage rider, and I take extremely good care of all of my vehicles, so I would probably get tired of any machine before I wore it out. I have owned plenty of different kinds of bikes, but a dual sport style bike is the only type I want at this stage in my life. And as I said earlier the GSA fits me like a glove, even though I only rode it 10 or 15 miles, I was so comfortable on it out of the box that I have craved one for several years. I road a dl1k a couple years and a KLR 21k miles and my latest and to me greatest was a 08 dl650, I sold it at 30k miles. So minus any crash, or theft it would probably last me as long as I would want it. I certainly will test ride the Tenere since I have done business with this dealer since he opened and know the owner personally. Thanks for everything.
I am 6'8" tall a ride a 12 GSA. As you said the GSA fits me like no other bike does. That being said, I have never ridden a Tenere, but have sat on one and it really feels pretty good. I would bet it would be one great machine. I am VERY happy with my 12 coming from a 07. The motor is much better along with other fix ups BMW has done. I think the 12-13 would be the best run of this model and did not want to wait for a GSA in the new waterhead and then have the potential to fight new problems. I would stay away from the first two model years. Good luck with your decision.
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