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I you just got a 950A: 1st, congrats on one of the finest "piece of freedom" machines available.

2nd: go change the tube in your rear tire now, just so you know how much "fun" it is. This is not something you want to learn on the side of the road in Cu Canyon! Take a good rear tube as a spare and at least a couple patch kits with good glue tubes that aren't all dried out. And a couple of big truck tire size patches. Rear flats (due to load and speed) are this big bike's soft underbelly. I've had two that turned into double-day adventures.

3: take an electric air pump, remove the typical "egg" they come in, put it in a shop rag under the seat. Most useful tool. This can sub for a fuel pump too, just put it on the end of the RH tank vent hose and "blow" for a bit. Yes, I've done this twice on two different e-pump bikes. Close off the LH gas cap with mexicano plastico bolsas.

4: Knowledge. There is so much here that is so useful. Read up on it. Take a copy of the electrical wiring diagram for the bike. Having it means you won't need it!

5: if your bike has Gobis, have enough straps to tie a gobie back to its rack after you fall, 'cause the latch almost always blows if you tipover medio to to hard.

6: don't worry about the octane of the gas, in my experience that is not an issue at all with Pemex. My 950 actually runs great on the stuff green or red, I just run the green Magna as that is usually all you will find in the field. All the jug gas I ever bought in the field was good, they buy it at Pemex just like everybody else. No ethanol means better milage too.

7: Have fun! Take it easy, ride to finish the day, it is not a race. That is over on the penninsula!
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