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Day 11
Thursday - November 1, 2012

The next day was dry and the systems check determined that the fan is not working. So I made a few calls and found a local and former Kawasaki dealer, now a Honda dealer in Summerset Kentucky. I stopped in and advised of my problem. The dealer told me they knew nothing about Kawasaki’s and it could be a week before they could get the parts. Huh? Really? They did find me a Kawasaki dealer in Huntsville Tennessee who said they would be happy to help me diagnose the problem.

What an address right? I live on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky, first house on the right.

The local Honda dealer can work on side by sides though. So my first gremlin has struck. Okay, no problem I hope as I roll south to Huntsville. The folks at Thompson’s Yamaha (2915 Barker Hwy, Huntsville, TN 423-663-2222) were very accommodating.

Problem identified, a blown fuse. The charge was $30 bucks and I was happy to get this little issue sorted out. Many thanks to the Thompson crew.

Okay,time for a mindlessness video. At a 1000 miles from no where, this song comes to ring so true later.

Time to find a camp site. Hay Field Camping I spent a little time riding around looking for a stealth camping spot, especially since this was Halloween. There was a mobile home for sale and it was covered in ivy (kudzu?). I rode the perimeter of the last of the season freshly cut hay field and found a spot that would be very difficult to see me from the highway as well as homes nearby.

Every night camping I took a walk, this night no different and as a bonus, on Halloween. I decided that I would walk the perimeter of the hay filed, vast and maybe 2 miles around. I had pre-ridden the course earlier on Jo Jo so I knew where the outlying homes were located. So I am in the middle of acres of cut fields and it is dark. Halloween night, 11:00 PM maybe and I vaguely hear the sound of a drone, not a plane, a droning noise with vibration. I’m looking for the noise in the air and then see a helicopter. It is very quiet and it traversing my position maybe 5 miles out. I watch and amazed about the stealthyness and the damn thing turns immediately and comes right at me dropping down in elevation. This is surreal to say the least. As it approached I felt vulnerable as it passed over head, still quiet and fast. Okay time to return to base camp and listen to the critters in the thickets behind my camp.

Park Jo Jo behind the tent, away from the highway. .

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