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Too funny

A few years ago, a buddy of mine and I stopped at Scotty's Castle. After exploring the area, we came back to the bikes. The ravens had forced the zipper open on his tank bag. They then dug a hole in the skin of a banana, and sucked the innards out.

Oh, also, his jacket was ON TOP OF THE TANK BAG. They knocked it off before they started their work.

Originally Posted by hugemoth View Post
46 years of touring so far and only once have I had something stolen. Late at night at a rest stop on highway 5 in Oregon someone pried open the top box and stole a 35mm camera. At Crater Lake NP bear once knocked over my bike to get at some food in my top box. In the mountains of Northern California a raccoon unsnapped the vinyl cover on my Vetter fairing and ate my trail mix. At Scotty's Castle in DVNP a raven unzipped the tank paniers on my dual sport bike and ate some of my Goldfish. Yes, some ravens have figured out how zippers work.
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