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Time to give this up for the night and get ready for bed. Need to be up at 5:00 in the morning to go to my job that I have had for the past 35 years, as a professional auto mechanic.
That explains why you sell so many timing chains. Some of them might even need replacing!

By the way, the GL1800 uses timing chains. That engine has been powering Gold Wings for the last 13 model years, with many, many examples passing the 200,000 mile mark. Timing chain failure is unheard of.

I was a Professional Auto Tech for 20 years. After that I was a Service Director over three Harley dealerships for almost 10 years. I can't count the number of broken timing belts I saw, complete with valve heads broken off and driven through pistons, necessitating short block and cylinder head replacement. Timing chain replacement was significantly less common and was usually of the overhead cam variety with a perfectly good chain but broken plastic chain guides.

I saw a few chain tensioner shoes fail in the Harley twin cam engines, and even saw a couple fail catastrophically. But it was quite rare, especially compared to the sheer number of bikes out there. In terms of sheer reliability, the EVO was a huge step for Harley but doesn't even compare to the robustness of the twin cam. How quickly people seem to have forgotten the EVO weak spots.
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