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Day 14
Sunday - November 4, 2012
Alabama tent back yard view.


Heading west finally out of Alabama and soon to be in Mississippi. Then I smell something very good.

This was a treat.

Closed for the season? I wish there were more drive inís left.

On into Mississippi, great day of riding and found another state park.

I had my lap top out and sitting at a picnic table, enjoying the camping and heard a noise. Sounded like a heavy truck crossing a bridge. Then I heard it again, sounded more like steel hitting steel. Oh crap, that is thunder and I donít see any stars. I scramble my stuff into the tent, put the laptop in the shoe and sort out dry bags. Then the storm came with a vengeance. I was on the phone with Ray and he could hear the thunder. This time I took the tarp and wrapped my self and bag inside and between it so that I could stay dry as the old tent was leaking from the ceiling in several spots. After the first wave of storms I had to get out of the tent and I dawned my rain gear and took a walk, It was very dark and I saw the ranger coming. He asked me if I was okay since I was in a tent and all. He also advised me to seek shelter the next time in the laundry house. I asked me if there were tornado warnings and he said no, but those 100 foot tall pins trees fall all the time. Uh OK, thanks for that advice, I hope no trees fall on me tonight. I survived another night of down pours and woke up to much better weather.

Day 15
Monday - November 5, 2012
Today I got my ass kicked riding across the Mississippi River into Arkansas with steady rain.

I love maps. My map pouch gets personal later.
Not always sunny.

Custom GPS water proof device

This set the mood for the day, another abandoned factory.

Saw these two guys standing inside a garage and turned around to chat and verify my heading. As I left they told me to keep my powder dry. Ha ha.

Second effort at left side boot repair in West Helena Arkansas. I wore my trials boots. They were nearly wore out when I shipped them to Virginia. The problem with the left side boot is that riding trials the left foot is always covering the rear brake. As such, your foot stays in one place and wears quicker than the right side boot. Stopped at a hardware and bought Shoe Goo. 5 star rating for this stuff. They gave me a plastic bag which I taped over my boot. I could feel the water spray coming inside the bottom of the boot.

Americana lives on in the great USofA!

Found a room in Pine Bluff. My plans were to continue west into Dallas to visit and ride with Ray on his DR650. However a text from my client changed my plans. Tomorrow I head northwest toward Fayetteville Arkansas.

Tomorrow, you get to meet Leon.

The world needs more Leon's.
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