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The day starts out like any other day. Packed up and head over to the Cathedral that I didn't get to last night.

It would have been nice to see this place lit up at night.

Head to the edge of town to get my morning fixings.

I share these with a guy staring at the bike. There's still way too much for both of us, so I pack the rest up.

The morning is cold but warms up quickly.
Something catches my eye and I pull over to see what exploded in front of me.

This bird testing it's fate with the Woody's Wheel blender.

The road is starting to wear on me and it's been awhile since I've been on dirt.

Interesting field.

It's starting to warm up real good by now, I'm getting a little hungry so I pull over under a shade tree to finish off my morning breakfast that is now a melted blob. Still good.

I reach Parral and make the directional change, It's well past 2:00, but I push on.

I start to think that maybe I'll just go to Creel for the night and then head down into Copper Canyon in the morning so that I'll have all day in the canyon to make my way to Batopilas. That would make sense.
But I catch a glimpse of the canyon and can't fight the urge to enter.

The road winds it's way down in a series of switchbacks. It's steep so I shut the motor off to coast for awhile, just listening to the wind go by, but it's not long before I lose the rear brake. Close inspection, I've overheated the rear brake, the road is much steeper than I thought.
There's alot of construction going on to make the lives of the people at the bottom easier, they're widening the road.
An hour and half after making the turn off on to the road, I reach my first road block.

One of the men working tells me it won't be long before the road is clear, so I sit patiently.

45 minutes later the dozer has cut a path for me.

It's impressive to watch the large rocks go tumbling down the mountain.

I get the wave from the guy running the dozer to go ahead. A few more miles and I reach another landslide.

One of the workers walks down the hill and over to me to let me know it will be about 10 minutes. 15 minutes later a truck pulls up with lunch for everyone and they walk back over the hill, the dozer's shut off and I'm left to sit there and wait.
30 minutes go by and I'm starting to get irritated. I know there's nothing I can do but wait. I watch the dozer's pile up the debris in the road and still no effort to get the road opened, it's getting dark and I get more irritated.

Nothing left to do, I watch the dozer work.

About an hour goes by and I can't sit still, I've got to get through or make camp somewhere on the road, but I don't have any food and I'm almost out of water. My Spanish is really bad but I make my way up to the operator and he tells me 1 more hour. I'm relieved and go back to the bike and wait. About an hour goes by and I can see there moving to the road to clear it. They've got 2 dozer's working on it and I start to feel better.
Dozer comes back to where I'm sitting and shuts it down. I ask if it's clear and he says no, not yet.
He asks where I'm going and I tell him.
He then says says something else and my eyes open up.
"Es muy peligro"
Me "Como".
He then repeats himself and says "Dru-gos, Mafia".
This gets my attention real good.
I ask if I should go back and he says the road is unpassable.
I ask if I should just stay here. He shrugs and says "Tu beuno".
I take that as I'll be alright and then he tells me I'm good to go.
So now I'm riding in this unfamiliar canyon in the dark with 'muy peligro' in my head. (I shouldn't have watched "The tourist" last night).
As I leave a rock comes sliding down the hill and I catch it with the side of the bike. The operator helps me dig the bike out.
I cross the bridge at the beginning of town and follow the concrete road.
My worsted fears are confirmed when I spot a stake bed truck stuffed with white plastic bags. I can't see what it is, but my intuition tells me this is no good.
2 men are standing at the back of it, I can see a rifle on one and I want to believe this could be military, but then I start to look at the other guy. My headlight shows to me real clear, a chrome pistol. Not everyone has one of these.
I take a deep breath, turn my headlight down to low, and maintain a steady throttle.
As I get closer I'm holding my breath trying to think of what I can do if something goes wrong.
I wave and yell "Buenos Tarde", and ride by.
I didn't want to say good night because I feared the bad joke that could happen.
I hear them say something but choose to ignore it and continue. My heart's racing and I'm watching my mirrors, but nothing is happening. I'm relieved.
I'm starving and it's late when I see a taco stand open. I circle back and park the bike and walk over.
As I approach there's 2 guys standing on the street talking to the 2 girls cooking.
One guy is watching me closely as I walk up and I take notice of this.
I get the feeling that this is the guy that has a hold on alot here. I act joyful and hungry and stare at the menu.
He says "Donde Va". I look at him and tell him "Aqui". I make my order.
He starts asking me a bunch more questions, questions I don't understand, so I just reply, "Grande Moto adventura" and tell him where I've been and where I'm going.
I don't know if this answers his questions but he seems satisfied, and tells me where to sit.
He points to the short wall in front of the stand. I let him know that my Spanish is bad and I see that they were talking and I'll sit over here. He again tells me to sit, but I take my burritos as the flatbed truck pulls up and move to where I said I would be sitting. The man moves over to the truck. They start talking, I'm watching them while looking down at my plate bringing the burrito to my mouth. I see them looking at me, but I continue to eat.
The truck leaves and they go back to talking.
I compliment the ladies and tell them all good night.
I get on my bike. I can't believe I'm riding out of here.

I circle the town centro and ask about a hotel, the guy I'm asking yells at someone else and he comes over, he speaks English and I'm relieved. He helps me find a room across the street. The lady tells me to push the bike through the house, into the courtyard, and leads me to my room.
I discover it's just after 10:00, it's been a long day.
I checked the GoPro camera to see if it had captured any of what had happened, but maybe it's luck that the battery had died looking back at the situation.
I head back out to the centro to talk to the guy who helped me and to get a soda. I don't say anything about what I saw, but asked alot of questions about the town.
It's a beautiful night, but I'm still hungry, I'm not sure what I ordered, but I know I ate.
I head back to my room after talking with the guy and lock the door.
I'm rattled pretty good and have visions of cartel crashing down the door, but the day's long ride and stressful encounters today have left me wiped out.
I shouldn't have watched that movie last night.

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