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Originally Posted by headtube View Post
This being my first RS (79) I have no idea what tire to fit on the rear. I'd like something sticky but not prone to wearing quickly. I would also like to fill out the back end a bit more then just the stock size tire. Can I go to a 120 without any swing-arm rub? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
How wide are your wheels?... that will dictate tire choices. Bigger is NOT better; as already mentioned, going wider for "looks" is a good way to detune your bike's nice steering and response.

Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
Plus one, for 110 or 4:00

No need for a 120.
The narrower the tyre, the more it pisses off sports bike riders.

Take a look at the the fitment charts for Michelin Pilot Activs. I've been using them on a similar bike; they handle very nicely dry or wet (but do NOT work in snow), are available in skinny sizes, and are about $180.00 a set.
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