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This sounds very interesting. There are a few areas I would raise attention to. Unlike the KTM v twins, the firing order is vastly different, and I don't think you will be able to mimic that sweet sound. Many things can be said ofBMW....not all good, But I would like to think that they did a fair amount of research when specking out the engine with Rotax, regarding how the motor behaves with regards to exhaust pulses...back pressure..... and nominal flow through the exhaust. This is just a thought, and I have nothing to back this up. I think if I was/would do this, I'd make some phone calls to Dynojet....Or at the very least align myself with a reputable tuner, and rig up a twin pc5 with auto tune, each controlling each bank..... I know i know.... wishful thinking, but it sure would be nice....If this could be done. You will add some weight, but would make the muffler smaller..... That said... Just my two Kroner....

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