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Nope can't do it. That is, talk you out of it, wont even try.
7 Yrs ago had foot operation so couldn't shift. Bought a 250 Elite so I could still ride. Would go up Ortega Hwy, twisties to Hells Kitchen eating establishment on my scoot in shorts, sandals, cast and crutches. Had 1150gs, Guzzi Bassa, r100gs P/D and Transalp sitting home taking a break. Saw a 650 Burgman in Salt Lake on Fleabay that a lot of plastic that was busted up. Drove and rented trailer to pick up and take home, lots of snow. Put 20,000 miles on that 03 and didn't touch it. A couple of years ago saw 03 650 for sale, bought it off Suzuki employee. Had 223 miles on it, now has 12,000 on it, not touched.Now this is not a dual sport but IS an adventure bike as it will go every where on asphalt as smooth and effort free as any bike out there. Took it out to Ocotillo Wells and went 10 miles down desert road!! If in pouring down rain 80 mph you will barely get wet from waist down. The manual paddle shifters let you put RPMs to work and help braking down hill. 45-50 mpg, super comfortable seat and ergos for me. Just put front and back tires on at 10,000 miles. Will race Harleys with gusto and smoke them in twisties with ease. Excellent brakes, 3 discs, and still have lots of wear left. Have large Givi on back but Chase Harper cl850 humongus throw over bags work perfect to haul as much as any KLR. I know as I have a dr650 with tank bag, Ortliebs or the cl850, Rotopax, Cvclerack with a 40' atv rack over that with giant North Face scuba bag. liked this one over Silverwing as like the shifters. I always have more than 1 bike, now I have 4 but this is a keeper. Not a sport bike rider but surprise lot of sportbike riders on all bikes in twisties as having rode Ortega for 45 yrs.
If you are NOT going in dirt this scooter will do all that is asked and more, also very easy on any passenger, comfy with backrest, floorboards and SMOOOOOTH.
I know, tell us what you really think.
PS. I do like the looks of the Scarabeo. Good luck with your decision, LeBron made his, you can make yours.

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