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When did Allen & Son close the dining room? It used to be on the left side of the building past the order/pick up counter up front. I used to eat there almost every Saturday during deer season when I hunted in the Pittsboro area.

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Originally Posted by wb57 View Post
Allen & Son Barbecue
5650 US Highway 15 501 N
Pittsboro, NC 27312

I've been in this area - central NC - for a couple of dozen years. Allen and Son always comes up when discussing barbecue, yet somehow, I've never been there before today. The main location is between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, but I saw this one riding back from grabbing a tag this morning. This is the Pittsboro location (not sure if there are more than just the two or not). There is no dining room, just an outside counter to order from.

The parking area is somewhat limited during prime eating hours - I got there around 12:30 on a Saturday. Didn't think to get a picture of the menu sign as it was pretty busy. I ordered a Barbecue Tray - which is the smaller portion served. Comes with slaw and hush puppies for $7.00.

Not sure that picture does it justice, but it's a good size portion of barbecue.

There are some wooden picnic tables in the grass on one side of the building and a concrete patio on the other side with more tables. Virtually everyone other than myself seemed to be picking up food to go or orders that were called in. The 30-40 minutes I was there, I didn't notice anyone else sitting, although I took the wooded section and it was reasonably chilly - or more so than it has been.

The food:
Barbecue was great. No sauce on the table or at the window from what I saw. Good, moist and pre-sauced. Mildly spicy with a very good flavor. The slaw looked to be generic utility slaw, but was obviously made in house and seasoned/black peppered perfectly. Have to say the slaw was as good as any I've run across at a barbecue place. Hush puppies were equally great. Fresh, hot, crispy and just a hint sweet.
Price maybe a little higher than others, but very tasty.

Again, worth the trip and I'll be back.

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