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You are not wrong!! And we are now back on the road moving South once more!

Behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks there has been a logistics exercise going on that would make international rescue proud! Chris at Boxer Metal and Aaron from Miami deserve a special hand for making it all happen... true legends.

Our original plan was to have the parts shipped down and swallow () the $1000+ shipping fee we had been qouted and also put up with any delays and all the paperwork headaches required for clearing customs.

However... I was contacted by another inmate "TeeVee" (Aaron from Miami) who informed me that he was infact flying down to Managua, Nicaragua on the 17th and could bring the parts on the plane with him!

Knowing that we would now be riding to Managua, I straightened the rim as best I could, filled the remaining split with JB weld, let it cure then put it all back together. There wasnt any way of temporairly (or permanently) repairing the shocks so they just went back on.

So it transpired that Kurt (Seriousracer) from Missouri would send the suspension to Chris (BMWeuro) in California, who would then add the wheel he had and some other bits to the package before sending it on to Aaron in Miami who would then fly to meet us in Managua, Nicaragua!

Not content with massively helping us out of this situation, Aaron then offered to loan us the use of his garage, put us up for the night, cook up a fantastic BBQ and introduce us to the finer points of drinking Nicaraguan rum how could we refuse?!

After spending two weeks in Leon - the longet we have stayed in one place for over 6 months - we waved a fond farewell to our hostel yesterday morning and made our way slowly to meet Aaron in Managua.

Immediately upon meeting Aaron we were greeted with a gift of some essential English supplies: Early Grey Tea bags, Strawberry Jam and Heinz baked beans! What a star!

While we were there, Aaron needed one of his bikes (tricked up DR650) moving from his friends house where it was currently stored... Would I mind riding it back for him ? Having ridden nothing but my airhead for the last 6 months it was "refreshing" to ride something a little different

That afternoon we got the suspension fitted, transferred the discs and tyre to the new rim and this morning we got back on the road. Man I have missed riding.

Connie, Isabel, Aaron, me:

Those Koni shock absorbers are a massive improvement to the existing shocks (even pre accident)! Should have upgraded a long time ago!

Without the kind help and time offered to us by Aaron, Chris and all of the other people on the ADV rider forum we would undoubtedly be a few thousand USD lighter and probably still sat around waiting for the parts to clear customs.

Whilst I never want to have to start an SOS thread like this again, it gives me enormous pleasure to finally close it off by saying a MASSIVE thank you to everyone... you guys do indeed rock!

Thank you all.. Byron and Isabel

(those with a keen eye will pickout the Boxer Metal stickers on the panniers too )

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