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for the bike builder, there is usually an elegant solution for just about every one of these required parts. if you don't buy, at least you have a solution at hand and might be able to fabricate your own version.
Its as though i've got a glimpse into a new world all together.

To be very frank, it was a big thing for me to just change the engine oil on my own. Then came the 650R that involved an exponential learning curve. Now add to this the DIY opportunity and its becoming a truly satisfying experience.

Never knew a "fork clamp" existed for sale :)

The chassisshop clamps are squarer where as the pro tec ones are round in their outer profile. The pro tec ones have a higher probability of not messing with the fuel tank when mounted ie., there is comfortable space between the fuel tank and the clamp when the fork is closest to it while turning.

I just dropped the decision of buying a Pentax K5 with a lens. I am going all in on giving my diy project some momentum.
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