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Not all who wander are lost.

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What do you think the problem was at the end of the day. I reckon the pickup coil but what would I know?? We all hope its all sort now though. Happy travels Jay.
I think it was the stator in the end (installed the 250W uprated one), but I also put in a CDI from a 2006 and an almost-new rectifier from a 2001, so I can't say for sure

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sounds like computer repair...start putting a bunch on new parts in there and see what happens. so what is any of the old parts did you keep?
Yup, swapped too many components to pin-point the issue, but just glad it's solved now

I left the original ignition coil still on there. Bike is running fine with it, so it was not the issue. Wiring harness left also and Shorai battery still in there. I only replaced the CDI, rectifier and stator.
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