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Originally Posted by DoWorkSon View Post
It might, at minimum, throw a CEL or other error.... Once out of closed loop it might be ok, but not sure how bike would react with an CEL.

When I modified my Duc by modifying the intake, the super lean condition threw off the o2 sensors and caused an error... Once the sensors warmed up or bike revved up out of closed loop problem went away, but not initially... A dual setup would likely cause same thing. Poor idle/unable to maintain idle since the bike is only reading A/F for one cylinder rather than two.

I ended up re-flashing the ecu and eliminating the o2 sensors, which solved issue.
I'm talking about your statement that you have to go 2-1-2 because you would have problems reading the A/F ratio on just one cylinder.

What difference should that make if the cylinders are not controlled individually anyway? The A/F ratio should be the same on a parallel twin, same flow of air, exhaust length etc.
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