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I was hoping to have some video for this post, but unfortunately there's been a breakdown in comms with the guy who's doing the editing, hopefully I'll have something for the next installment.

What I forgot to say in the last post was after we had breakfast we went to conquer the huge dune, this one in the centre of the picture.


Now from here it doesn't look all that big, hopefully the following pictures will give you an idea of the scale of it. Don't forget it was bloody hot too, so hot it felt like you were walking on hot coals!

Saw this as we set off and thought it'd make a good shot

Looking back at the hotel

Vast open space

We'd not been going long when Jack decided she'd had enough it was tough going though it was very similar to walking in deep soft snow, plus the heat was pretty intense. She turned around and headed back

Terry, Pete and Rob near the bottom.

The white dot you see just right centre of the screen is Jack still on her way back.

Rob and Pete

Rob looking like a true adventurer

Pete doing the "Funky Chicken"

Me looking warm

Tiny tracks

Rob and Terry decided they'd also had enough as they turned back and headed down, then it was just Pete and I.

We were both knackered, we were just managing to walk ten yards or so and then we had to have a rest, we both decided that the pool was in need of a visit and our camel backs were almost empty so we called it a day and headed back to the others at the bottom.

Pete almost at the top!

In the following picture there's a white dot about three quarters of the way up to the right, that's Rob and Terry.

The views were stunning from up here and it hit home to me how damned hard it must be for the super heroes riding the Dakar, I mean not just the fact of riding the massive dunes, but they've also got to navigate over miles and miles of this stuff!

We headed back. Terry on the horizon.

Anyway we went back, jumped in the pool and then we went off for a cracking ride, came back jumped in the pool again, had some food and then we headed back out to play again. Rob was feeling a bit better and came along too.

More sand.

On Piste, Pete.

Love this shot.


We saw these guys out testing.

After a couple of hours playing we called it a day and headed back to the hotel, I had to help Jack pack and tidy our room, messy business this adventure biking lark

We ate later and decided we should head back north the following day We asked one of the lads who took us on the camel trek the previous night about which way would be the best. We wanted to try a few more pistes on the way back. Sadly the one we were looking at was deemed to be too dangerous on the bikes

Rob looking happy

Running an eye over the bikes

The pool looked inviting even in the evening.

After breakfast we headed out for the final time.

Quick stop for a couple of pics.


We picked a place on the map called Khenrifa and headed north, hopefully taking in Todra Gorge. But that's going to have to be next time, I've got to dash!

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