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Originally Posted by carl johansson View Post
Alright guys, we are in. originally i was toying with trying to man up and somehow, impossibly make a husky 450TE go through the torture. But then I got a better idea. we wioll be running 1 or 2 cars, and possibly a bike. team members will be guys from Team Semper Fi, the injured Marine fund. These are guys who came back with TBI, PTSD, missing 1, 2, 3 limbs. So we wil put 2 or 3 guys in each car. If we can find one who is qualified, perhaps we will run a bike as well.

The whole thing will be to raise money for the fund (rated A+, one of the top 10 charities in the country, etc) so far 66 million given to marines and other service men to support them in whatever they need to progess and move forward and adjust. One of the things that helps alot, is that they formed the sports team, these guys participate in the para Olympics, the warrior games, triathlons biathlons ebndurance bike rides, marathons, you name it. But we have never attempted something like this before. But i figure marine training, adapt adjust overcome, training in navigation, perserverence, all of that stuff will help us through this.

Anyway, their website is a bit sparse, and dated, and they use an old discussion group on yahoo to communicate, so I am hoping a few of the veterans residing here will be able to help me out with advise!

thanks guys
Hello Carl, and glad you are entering. It sounds like a good cause. I support something similar called 'Homes for our Troops'. The charity builds specially equipped houses for wounded veterans and gives them away. I have a nephew who was one of the first recipients and he went on to raise money for the cause. Great kid and doing well in life. Just got his bachelors degree.

Regarding the event, I think you should send deposits to make sure you secure your entries. They can only field about 35-40 entries and while they never filled up before, they could this time.

They had a team competition in 2010 that might be appealing to you. Two cars drafted one bike rider from the entry list and they started training in the months leading up. Turned out the rider they drafted was my buddy from HS. Anyway, the fellow who ran the team taught my buddy his time keeping and they won the whole thing. I was pissed!

You can PM me with questions if you want and I'll give you my email address and phone # for better communication. Acerph has run it a couple times too, so he could be helpful. I think the website is pretty up-to-date, but you can always email the rallymaster, Jerry Hines. The main thing is to understand the rules, schedule, itinerary and general route. We don't get specific route sheets until the night before the next stage. Given who you are bringing along, you might need special room accommodations too. Jerry is very helpful in that way. The Yahoogroups thing is set up to protect our privacy I think.

BTW: for the riders--- They are considering allowing Rotopax fuel cells with a permenant mount system. They are looking for input so send Jerry your thoughts if you are for or against. Motorcycles need 170 miles fuel range. Some of the bikes entered would require an aftermarket tank, which can be extremely expensive for one event.
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