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Why I Dislike Auburn

Here's some FB quotes from a local preacher who is an obnoxious Auburn fan;

"I'm telling you guys, the fix is in. NCAA and Vegas gamblers have put big money into seeing that Bama an Notre Dame meet up. K=State and Oregon never had a chance. The zebras are paid off big time. Lane Kiffen taking the bucs to make sure SC doesn't beat Notre Dame. Fishier than the Boston pier."

"Once those refs are paid... anything can happen. Coach will tell his boys.. "you can hold all you want to tonight. the refs aint gonna call it." Some refs became very rich today."

" But, I will be pulling for the SEC champion in the National Game. I don't believe that Notre Dame would even have a winning record in the SEC. There has been a lot of money invested to keep them winning. But Bama has a lot of money also and all I can say is that there will be some wealthy refs coming out of this game. I wonder what the outcome will be if Bama buys some of the refs and Notre Dame buys the rest. Could be interesting. Georgia does not have the cash of either Bama or Notre Dame."

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