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I made it all three days. Traffic was only bad on sunday, but still made it from house to seats in turn 12 in an hour and a half. All 3 days you couldn't even tell a race was going on judging by traffic on the north side of town. I was parked at the expo center and got good parking on the GS, was able to duck out the bus entrance on friday and missed a long wait.

Kind of strange the way sound travels, we couldn't hear the longhorn band playing on the front straight, and there wasn't much noise that made it past the track.

Turn 12 was where I was at and it had most of the action. Vettel just didn't have the pace of the mcclaren, but he was able to stay close in the final laps. Alonso had his usual brilliant start and webber had red bulls 3rd alternator failure this year. Schumi started 5th but steadily fell back. Button got 50 laps on his tires and clawed up the field.

I didn't get a chance to tour the whole facility, it was 3/4 of a mile walk from the bus dropoff so I had my walking. Lots of pricey stadium food that sold out saturday long lines, $8 beer, but the silver lining was being able to buy beer before noon on sunday, a stella artois certainly aided my breakfast digestion.

The ferrari on the right tried to dive inside the second one and ended up taking both out. First practice session

They are saying 117k on sunday, up from 65k friday and 82k on saturday. The bleachers were full and well behaved with lots of foreign country flags being shown and worn. Quite a backup leaving sunday, took about an hour to board the bus even after waiting an hour after the race finished. Had a loyal band of sergio groupies, every time the line moved flags and various noise makers along with an accompanying chant; "sergio, sergio, sergio!"

Overall it was a great effort, my only complaint would be the long hike to and from the buses at the track, seem like they could get a bit closer than that. I would like to see more vendors too, generally lines were 20 or more people deep.

They were selling a bunch of team merchandise, but come on, $70 for a t-shirt?

Bought a canon S110 just for the race only to have the memory card go fubar with all of saturday and sundays pics gone.

Line leaving saturday

'06 R12GS, '13 s1000RR
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