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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
Hijack away. As a valued sponsor I take a keen interest in what Vince is up to. If he's been getting high on the job again I want to know. And it sounds like L-888 is as high as you can get with the highest minimum off route altitude in the world.

I learn a lot on these ride reports.

Bon chance,
Jean Thomas
Sorry for the hijack. Actually in the 744, L888 is a non event even with one engine out. 2 engines out, different story. Its spectacular scenery on a clear day. I really need to do L888 the proper way, on a bike.

Looking forward to Palenque through your lens. I passed on the Yucatan last time around and have regretted it a bit. Guess I just need to make another trip.

Did you happen to stop at the Tonina ruins outside Ocosingo? That's right up your alley for sure.

suerte, Vin
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