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Rocks and convertibles

Originally Posted by manfromthestix View Post
Nice report and pretty country! As a geologist I appreciate your interest in rocks, too. I'm like you, I wave to anyone riding on two wheels, could care less what kind of cycle they're riding. I've even been known to wave at folks driving in convertibles but only if they have the top down!

Doug, thanks for reading my ramblings. Some of us in Tennessee are having a little fun writing up the various State Parks (we have some nice ones). You are also in a great part of the country for riding.

Funny you mention the waving. Since I started riding bikes a few years ago, I've liked the way that people on motorcycles typically wave at each other. Somehow a simple thing like a motorcycle can cut through the differences people have for at least the time it takes to pass each other on a highway. Maybe the presidential debates should be held on motorcycles with the candidates required to ride in circles constantly passing each other. Who knows, maybe it would help.
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