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Draining is pretty simple. Open the cap an *slowly* invert the fork over a bucket. I'd suggest having a drop cloth/news paper etc around as it can get messy quickly.

That slowly remark is important! Not far past parallel to the floor, the spring, spacer and anything else will start to slide towards the low end. As you might figure there will bit a bit of a fluid rush and mess potential when the springs pop out. Be sure to keep the spring etc. from exiting the fork without taking note of orientation of the spring, order of parts when there's a spacer etc etc. Just go slowly.

Let the spring etc fall in the bucket/drain pan and turn the fork almost all the way upside down. Almost will keep the oil draining from one side, and not just dripping out at random all around the circumference. With it in that position, secure it. A wood jaw vise, bicycle frame 3rd hand etc is perfect - just something softer than aluminum.

With it clamped down you can gently manually extend the fork slider and cartridge/ rod to pump any oil out of the 'nooks' and really, just let it sit and let gravity do the work. If you've got the time, let it set overnight.

Another thing I should mention is to be sure you've got control of the fork tube and lower when you move it about. With the cap off the tube will just slide down creating a great mess if you've got the fork clamped by the axle/caliper mount
Throttle's on the right, so are the brakes. Good luck.

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