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Man, after all the negativity, it's just great to hear such enthusiasm about an F1 event in the United States!

I'm floored about how good the track looks on TV, and how good the sightlines seem to be from the stands. It's a hilly track and yet spectators seem to have extensive views. This really feels like a precedent-setting design and venue. How amazing is it that it's in the US, the place everyone says doesn't care about F1? Just fantastic.

I don't really understand the tower thing, but heard the commentators mention that other F1 venues want one too. Something about concerts?

I've read a lot of United Statesians complain about the track name. But it's a business and having a name that welcomes people from all of the Americas is a good thing, as the reports from the track seem to confirm.

Thanks for the reports from the ground, they're fascinating reading. Bummer your memory card corrupted, eric2.

I think the Ferrari engine seal thing is a bit sleazy, but such is life in F1. Markjenn, I'll honor you by not harping on the other sleazy aspect of this race! Suffice to say that the 30-second gap to Alonso is a pretty strong statement.

Man, a pass for the lead late in the race? How cool is that? It's as tho the gods smiled on COTA. And I loved seeing the genuine enthusiasm the McLaren guys, up to an including Whitmarsh, had for Hamilton. Nice to see there's no bitterness there.

Turn 1 produced a lot of action. As they say, it's an icon already. Fill Hill? I like it. :)

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