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Concur with previous messages:

The good: Great facility, great race weekend, Austin, friendly hosts.

The bad: crowd management, high prices and excessive dust.

There were problems with credit card transactions. Probably both: not enough drinks and food stands AND their transactions done very slowly.

Initially the police down the street, by the track, had no idea where you needed to go!!!!

We parked at parking lot P. our seats were at Turn 5. It was actually not that bad walking from our seats to the parking after the press conference. The parking lot was pretty blocked, but we were lucky to pick a line that moved ok.
There were many spots where police was needed but not present, instead we found out there were police patrols at two intersections "far" from the track area where there was no traffic at all. At one point we took a turn from 812 looking at the GPS, this decision turned out perfect as we hit pretty much no traffic.

Overall I had a great time and, even if far from me, I'll consider coming back.

I don't know why I have not been able to add pictures here!!!! I'll need to look into privacy settings.

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