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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
It's pretty hard to find much to fault with the race weekend. Getting that number of people in and out of the track is never going to be fast, but for the most part things always seemed to be moving, even the massive lineup for the shuttles after the race. We left our seats at Turn 6 right after the podium ceremony, and didn't get to my car in the parking garage next to the 15th and Trinity downtown shuttle spot until 3.5 hours later. At least an hour of that was simply getting from out seats to the line for the shuttle, which was another 1.5 hour wait.

For the sake of contrast, when I went to Monza in 2006, my walk through the park from my seat at Turn One to the train station, train into Milan, and the three block walk from the station to where I was staying with a friend took about 45min total.

OTOH, nothing will ever top walking to my RV across the street from IMS for the first F1 there, or living in my RV across the main straight from the Corvette pits at Sebring '99.
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