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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I read in Speed that the drivers liked it. I guess there are parts of several tracks linked together to make this one.; places like Silverstone etc.
It had some cool elements. The approach to T1 almost reminded me of Spa.

The drivers were oohing and ahhhing about the place on TV. It was obvious that it is very important for this to catch on as an F1 venue.

Originally Posted by HarveyMushman View Post
Well, yes, it's contrived. It's the product of a template created and refined by the one firm allowed to design Bernie's playgrounds. Unlike some others from their recent portfolio, it has the advantage of elevation change. Just like the rest, it has all the charm of a shipping yard. Perfect for F1 . . .

From the television footage it looks like a terrible place for spectating--my kind of spectating, anyway, the kind that involves a GA ticket and lots of walking. Maybe someone who was there can chime in on that.

I don't think I have a problem with the v corners--every corner has an apex, no?--but we'll have to see the bikes in action to say for sure.
It will definitely be interesting to see how the bikes go. I thought is was very start and stop, classic new F1 circuit.

But no flow like Aragon, or even Valencia.

With all of the paved runoff, it looked almost like auto cross. I had trouble seeing where the track ended and the runoff started in some places.

COTA is going to need to make a compromise with Kevin Schwantz. That is a PR disaster they can't afford. IMHO.
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