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May I ask a question concerning the 350 EXC. I am going to buy a new KTM after I sold my 450 EXC (2010) few weeks ago.
I surfed through the internet and found several tests. It is puzzling me that the German Motorrad Magazine writes: "The 350 is easier to ride, especially for the less experienced rider. Where the 450 gets in trouble as the backwheel spins the 350 with it slower torque gets through with ease! It is just the better bike when speed is not important"

I see.

The Austrian Enduro magazine also compared both bikes and states: "For the less experienced rider we would reommend the 450 as it has more low down grunt and therefore chugging power. It pulls you up the hill in idle while the 350 needs higher revs and a lot of clutch action. The 350 stalls often where the 450 just chuggles and needs no clutch action.

So one recommends the 350 for the less experienced rider and one the 450. I had a 450 and it was great but it steered lazy and always took the wide line. I am not an experienced offroder and I drive mainly the tough trails where you need first and second gear. So no desert blasting or 6th gear farm lane heat. Steep, slippery hills up and down and hard trails like in the vid from ADVTuga.

The 500 may be the killer in faster terrain, in the real hard stuff its far to strong and torquey, that is exactly the reason why no one uses one in the hard races like Erzberg, Hellsgate or Romaniacs.... So the 500 is not what I like to have.

Which one should I buy?

And no I cant testride one, even here in Austria a testbike is very hard to get as its almost winter. Testrides are again planned for spring (said the dealer) but I will not wait that long...

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