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Originally Posted by geg View Post
hard to believe Tilke came up with that track....
maybe they have listened to the comment on the other tracks they have designed recently.
According to Autoweek, he didn't Explains a lot!

On Thursday I drove into the Circuit of the Americas for the first time and stood at the bottom of the uphill-climbing turn one, staring wide-eyed for five minutes at this state-of-the-art 3.4-mile circuit—designed, by the way, by Hellmund and motorcycle racing legend Kevin Schwantz, and not by Hermann Tilke as some propaganda would have you believe. Sure, Tilke's company engineered it, but the layout is Hellmund's and Schwantz's all the way. Unlike many road courses, it features excellent sightlines and multiple viewing areas with great views of more than a single corner or straightaway. As a complete, modern facility, it stands absolutely unrivaled by any racing venue on this continent. Period.

Read more:
With Montreal also being an exciting track, North America now has two excellent venues for F1.

Only thing is, it's downright weird being able to watch F1 live in the middle of the afternoon. Discombobulating!

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