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Hope you don't mind my comment; good lesson for me

ebohnet1 et al, hi!

My heart goes out to you ebohnet1, because I've made similar decisions, and have had mixed outcomes.

I don't know how many times while riding locally, there has been some sort of noise, or hiccup in the way the bike is running. Sometimes it's been an electrical thing - like the lights going out all of a sudden and coming back on, a noisy transmission, or bike running with a stutter. Those things create doubt in my mind about what's wrong with the bike.

You know the drill, when the bike acts up, we start going through the symptoms, evaluating the possibilities, then we do the "they all do that" debate, and sometimes we get on ADV to ask for advice. The worst part is when the bike only seems to do this once, and runs great - until of course we're in the middle of a long journey and far from home.

Most times, even though I knew before the trip, I didn't do anything about the unknown issues. Remind me to tell about my HES going out - twice, once on each bike, or the throw out bearing, or the ground wire, or the starter, or the fuel pump, or the list goes on, while I was traveling.

In this case, two weeks before ebohnet1 was leaving for his trip to Nova Scotia, the hiccup hit. Asking for help on ADV, as below yielded good results. My guess is, there was still a bit of doubt about whether swapping the HES would solve the problem, mixed with a little bit of belief 'that they all do that'. We do that all the time, don't we, second guess ourselves, with huge amount of hopes that whatever it was, fixed itself?

For me, the moral of this thread - combined with ebohnet1's thread of two weeks before he left for Nova Scotia - is that the bike won't fix itself, and to deal with whatever it is before heading out on a long journey. There's no way any of us ever want to spend hundreds of dollars for towing, unnecessary parts, and thousands of dollars for hotel rooms, flights, rental vehicles, loss of work, and angst like this.

Certainly the ordeal with the repair, or lack of repair, done in New Brunswick is awful, and we can all wax on about the dealers mistakes, but it's the decision to avoid a niggling issue, that I'm learning from. We all hope for the best when we're on a trip, but this shows how one issue can mushroom into a horrific stressful experience. Again, my heart goes out to ebohnet1 and anyone else who has gone through something of this magnitude.

The other lesson for me, is an affirmation of how knowledgeable and helpful the inmates are here on ADV. Listening to their advice and acting on it, is something I'll try to do more.

Thank you,


ebohnet1's thread asking for help, two weeks before leaving for Nova Scotia.

The original plea for advice followed by good possible answers, which might have led to taking the bike in for service.

Originally Posted by ebohnet1 View Post
Hi all,
First, I have a 2000 1150 GS with just over 61k miles on it.
Yesterday night when riding home on the interstate going roughly 75 mph my bike hesitated twice. First time, I was going 75 steady then the throttle stopped working for 3 seconds. Imagine trying to accelerate and nothing happened for three seconds then all of a sudden it worked fine. Roughly 7-10 miles later, the bike hesitated again for 3 seconds or so. (The bike was driving, then stalled for half a second, then was fine for half a second, stalled again for half a second, and then was fine) It was really quick this time. I continued driving 7 miles on the interstate with no problems plus 20 miles to get home (<45 mph).

Is this easily an issue of bad gas? Something else? I had two bars remaining when the first hesitation occurred. Today after work I am filling up with new gas and then going to take it out for 30 min or so.

Plus to make things worse, I have a 9 day trip to Nova Scotia planned in two weeks.
Any insight you guys can provide would be helpful.

Originally Posted by def View Post
Check the obvious things first. My first thought is intermittent HES.

Next, is the coil in good condition. It is easy to check the resistance of both primary and secondary windings in the coil.

Next, as mentioned...fuel filter. If you go into the tank, replace not only the filter but the rubber lines. If the lines have small undetected cracks, fuel pressure drops leaving you with inadequate fuel delivery at the injectors and the symptoms you describe.

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