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Originally Posted by Rinty View Post
It took 18 months to diagnose the intermittent HES problem with my wife's Volvo 740, so the time frame you describe seems very reasonable, if I may say so.

Two different shops, each having good people, worked on it four separate times.
I had 5 Volvos back in the mid 70s and early 80s. The first B21 engine had a Bosch mechanical FI system that was a nightmare (I believe Bosch called it Jetronic). The air module was connected to the engine with a long, plastic hose.

Volvo finally replaced that 1975 244 with a later model (245) with improved Bosch FI. I really liked that 76 245. I bought a slightly used 76 244 with an automatic. The auto trans never worked very well so I took it to an independent shop that dropped the pan only to find most of the clutch friction material sitting in the bottom of the pan. I was provided a new transmission by Volvo via the independent.

I have a soft spot for older Volvos. Those B21 engines were almost indestructible. The new ones? Too Expensive.
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