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Here is the deal, I have a 400 Burgman and love it. I grew up on dirt bikes, moved to the street during the 2-stroke era in the early 70's, and continued right through to a 1800 Wing. i have 4 bikes in the garage and the one that is ridden the most is the Burgman 400 Here is the straight poop; If you want to travel and have a bike that is easy to live with the rest of the time, go for a maxi scooter. Scooters are about compromise, they are not as comfortable as a touring bike, nor can you haul as much stuff, they don't handle as well as a sport bike and they don't dual sport like a KLR, but they do all these things better than any one other bike that I know of, meaning they tour well, can get down a winding road pretty damn fast, and if you get to a gravel road, it will keep going as long as the incline is not too steep. If you are over 5'6", you will have no trouble flat footing it. I rode all the maxi's and bought the 400 Burgman because performance wise it is not far off the 600's, but a nice step up from the Majesty. It has better wind protection than all but the 650 Burgman and is comfort able. It is a 2005 with 38,000 miles on it, I can ride 190 miles on a tank of gas before looking for a gas station. As far as using oil, don't fill it up to the top mark on the dip stick and run a good synthetic oil and I have had no problems. Maintanence- if you do everything on your KLR, you will have no problem doing the same withthe scooter. I get 15,000 miles on the rear tire and 20 something on the front. Valve adjustments are easy, just alot of body work to take off. After you do it once, the second time goes alot faster! CVT trannys are simple as dirt, but a head wind is their enemy (revs more than a transmission on a bike).
If I was going to use mine more for trips I would change a few things: Taller shield, heavier weights in the variator and some form of cruise control. I hope this helps.
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