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Originally Posted by josjor View Post
What is simply amazing to me is the blindness of consumers to brand loyalty. I can have that Fender or Gibson hanging on the wall next to other brands that exceed the quality in EVERY aspect including price, and people will buy the Fender or Gibson first and pay me more for the privilege of doing so.

Oh, well. It pays my bills.
When I was younger, I couldn't afford a Fender or Gibson, but now I can. The problem is that the quality differences that were obvious between the 'premium' brands vs. the 'introductory' brands has narrowed. I have two crappy Fender copies now (they're both 10-15 years old) and am looking for something that will last. I live near Fendertown and my barber was also Leo Fender's barber before they both died. Lots of strats in Orange County. While I'd like to stay loyal to the US brands, I'm all if you've got better suggestions. I go to the NAMM show every year and I'm overwhelmed by the choices as I have no idea what I am looking for, other than a quality instrument.
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