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Originally Posted by SFMCjohn View Post
Hey Rob,

Thanks for the wonderful ride report and for all the Saline Valley tips ... Cary and I hope to be heading down that way on the KLRs tomorrow morning ... looking forward to trying to say "hi" to camp hosts George and Ria for you ...

Sent this link to Cary, and will probably be sorry when she sees how well you eat while camping out ... ha.

see you around the campfire,
-- SFMCjohn
Ha! John knows me too well :)

Rob- Thank you so much for your post. Your reputation for great posts proceeds you :) I am super impressed by your menu...
Is the trick to freeze everything before you go? Do you wrap things up in insulation?

Maybe if John lets me bring our cookware, I'll try some things out ... It's hard to make everything in a jetboil -ha!

the girl who lived on beef jerky before she saw Larryboy's posts...
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