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Part 6
I just have to tell you about our supper in Clinton! It all starts with us needing to do some laundry. The man who owned the motel we were staying at (looked an awful lot like George Carlin) told us that just up the street there was a laundry service. So we packed up and decided to walk. Well we walked for what we thought was too long a time so Garth went across the street to the local grocery store and asked a little Chinese woman about the laundry service and I think she got insulted because she said to him with arms flailing “no raundry service, no raundry service”.

Turns out that the only laundry service in town was at the RV park and that’s where the story begins! It is quite the place. It belongs to Michael and Angelina and they have not only an RV park but an “All you can eat Barbeque”. Michael has white hair that is shoulder length, slicked back over his ears and hanging long down his back … oh with one little braided rat tail behind his left ear. His menu is simple with only 6 or 7 meat choices that he barbeques. The rest is set out underneath a tarped over deck.

His has 3 slow cookers, a hot plate with 2 pots on it and a freezer chest that he has modified to hold his salad bar. There are a selection of tables and picnic tables, signs, lights and a few items for sale (like a rocking chair and an old ceramic crock pot). Satellite radio is filling the space with country music … actually the Willie’s Roadhouse channel. The laundry service is just off of this tarped in deck. Once we had our laundry going we made our way over to a table. Michael introduced us to the menu and then began hassling us (in a sarcastic, old buggar type way) to make up our minds as to what we were going to eat. He directed us to a cooler, around the corner, that we could help ourselves to a cold drink. He said “help yourself because I am not going to serve you because then you can’t complain about the service”. So onto his barbeque went the meat that we ordered. When it was done he slapped it onto a plate and said come and get it. We then worked through the buffet part and when we left a lid off or put a spoon in the wrong place man did we hear about it. Garth inquired about having a beer and Michael told us that he didn’t have a liquor license but we could go across the street to the local liquor store and buy some to drink with our supper. His food was all made by hand and most of the ingredients came from his garden. He also served up an amazing dessert. A homemade brownie, topped by berries picked by the local first nation’s women up on the mountain, all topped by homemade blackcherry ice cream. It was soooo good! For the two of us the bill came to $36.00 and it was worth it just to meet this Michael character.

The next morning we woke to clouds and the chance of rain. Our destination of Jasper had a 70% chance of rain while going through to Kamloops and beyond looked better. So we back tracked a bit and went the Kamloops route which took us to Revelstoke and Rogers Pass.

Still on the search for the best pie Garth noticed a sign for “Pedro’s Pie, the best pie in BC” at a fruit and veggie stand outside of Salmon Arm. So in we went.

All they had was bumbleberry pie that could be served and eaten right there and then. The rest were full pies for sale. So Garth and I gave in and man it was delicious. And Pedro turned out to be a young Mennonite girl, haha! At Revelstoke we stopped at a Denny’s for soup. It had started to spit when we were getting ready to leave so we prepared with our rain gear and it was a darn good thing because by the time we got up to Rogers Pass it was pouring and dark. We pulled into Rogers Pass to look for stickers and pins but there wasn’t any. It rained for about another ½ hour and just long enough for the 4 tunnels that we had to go through with slippery wet entrances and exits. The temperature dropped to 4.0 degrees.

Beautiful scenery but way to damn scary in the slippery rain to pay close attention to it. Initially we thought we would find a campground for the night but after it being so wet and cold we took the first motel room we came too in Golden BC.

At supper we were noticed by a guy who was all alone at an adjacent table. He had been travelling on his motorcycle as well that day and had seen the four of us. He said that he felt sorry for Cindy and I driving in that awful weather. He was on his way to Rocky Mountain House and then Grande Prairie. He had a few great motorcycle stories to share. (The rider was OldMedic on this site. Here is a link to his blog )

He was finishing his ride after going in the Three Flags Classic rally


Today (Thursday) we started our day in the fog. We sat it out for as long as we could in Tim Horton’s but had to get going. It was cold so we pulled out the electric jackets and the smart wool socks! The electric jackets are one of man’s best inventions (to a motorcyclist that is, haha) because they make a tremendous difference on a cold day.

We left Golden and headed east. We passed through Yoho National Park and the Kicking Horse Pass… again 3.5 degrees! The fog broke and we rode into a beautiful clear blue sky. The scenery was amazing.

We gassed up in Lake Louise and spoke with a guy who had just come down from Jasper and he told us that he left Jasper in rain and hail … thank god we didn’t take that route! From Lake Louise we turned onto highway 93 the Icefields Parkway.

A secondary highway with the most breathtaking scenery ever … as Cindy eloquently said “it was full of wow’s and wowee’s”.

We eventually hit the Saskatchewan River Crossing and then turned onto highway 11, the David Thompson Highway.

We stopped in Nordegg for lunch and we were served beef noodle soup which ended up being chicken noodle soup (it was good) and of course … wait for it … pie!

We stopped in Rocky Mountain House and at a gas station I encountered a young first nation’s man who was interested in my motorcycle and where we had travelled (he had clearly been drinking) and when I headed to the ladies room he wished me a good trip … took my hand and kissed it! Good grief!

We were out of the mountains, into farm/ranch land and a much faster pace on the highway.

We roared through Red Deer AB where the left lane of the 2 lane highway was so slanted that there was no way I could have stopped safely on it. Pulling into Stettler I spotted a Boston Pizza and knew that I was going to convince the gang to break the number 2 rule of this trip (no eating at chain restaurants) because I really really really wanted spaghetti! Even if I had to blind fold Garth and drag him there I was going to eat spaghetti at BP! (Garth agreed to the blindfolding … but that is another story for another day, haha!).

There has been a real lack of wildlife sightings on this trip. We have seen a coyote, 2 antelopes, 3 mountain goats, an injured black bear, our grey whale (and other ocean companions … but they don’t really count because we actually went out to find them). We were on some pretty secluded highways today and we thought that we would see some wildlife but … 3 deer and a goose … that is it. Pretty sad.

Sept 5 Clinton to Golden BC

September 6 Golden BC to Stettler, AB

Tomorrow our goal is Swift Current, approx. 567k.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more later.
Hope all is well. Please pass this along.
“Most things don’t work out as expected, but what happens instead often turns out to be the good stuff.”.

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