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Good suggestions!

Well first an update, Kickstarter after giving my the go ahead months earlier, are giving me a bit of grief and they are now calling it an automotive project (I told them to go ask a motorcyclist how they like their automobile)...BUT if they don't work out I will most likely link to, which is another site that is far more flexible. After all, these sights are just a forum for collecting funding...the real product will be sold here on Adv rider in vendors and in other popular BMW forums.

To respond to other questions and musings now:

The joints consist of an M8 bolt and nut paired with a detent ball and matching track that will "preload" the joint and keep it fixed at speed, but with a consistent push...say with a bush, tree, ground, or other obstacle...they will fold.

I did a few mock ups and I will say that people can use there giant lamps located underneath the bar, however they may lose several degrees of rotation in an impact situation, as there is an upper limit on how much can be tucked under that front fairing/beak area...especially on the wider R1200GS. However, and this is a big however, I have found that you really only need about 30-40 degree of inward deflection before other stuff would start hitting the ground/obstacle and you will have other worries than your aux. lights getting scraped up. For example after 30-45 degrees, your cylinder heads, tank, and the other usual suspects will be taking the lions share of the impact.

The end of the lightbar will be radiused to encourage rearward rotation/deflection...however I also saw value in enabling it to rotate forward as well in case their is a more unusual crash situation. Again the goal here is to protect the light bar breaker bar of a lever from torquing your front frame and oil cooler in an impact. Protecting the lights themselves is an important but secondary bonus.

Good musings and let me know if there are more everyone!

Originally Posted by precarious View Post
Interesting idea. I think breakaway mirrors are a great idea. Why not lights? They're more expensive, after all. I had something of a folding bar on my Strom. It saved the lights in a couple of falls.

How are the joints made up? How do they stay rigid at high speed? Bear in mind, these are GS riders; some people have 7" or larger diameter lamps. That's a lot of wind-catching area. Aluminum may bounce/vibrate, too. I haven't had good luck with aluminum light bars.

If that becomes a problem in testing, maybe you could have a spring hold it in position. Also, maybe a shape on the end of the lightbar to guide it in the right direction would help guarantee it folds in correctly. Like a half-moon horn on the end of the bar.

Just my musings. Good luck! If it pans out well for you, I hope you develop it for other makes, too. The fall down test video will be the proof
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