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A friend of mine was surprised by the ridge on my rear rotor so mentioned I better get it measured. If my crappy old caliper is right and I'm reading it correctly I'm down to .133 inches, or 3.38mm. Way under spec eh? I just put my 5th set of rear pads on at 42,907 miles (2nd-4th, 7459, 18,200, 32,971 so about 10k each).

So I'm wondering a couple things...

First off a line of questions about rotor wear. So 4 sets of pads burnt 1.62mm of rear rotor and I was supposed to replace it after .50mm used? By my math that means a bit into the 2nd set of pads I'd be out of spec on the rotor? Like 15k miles and the rotor is done for? Is that normal? Can I do anything to prolong my next rotors life?

The other set relate to the 4.5mm minimum spec. Why is that the minimum? Is it because the thinner the rotor gets the less it is able to absorb and dispense heat or is it because you need the width to get full pressure from the caliper? I don't sense a lack of rear brake power and mine is way past that point (I can easily get the ABS to engage using only rear brake on dry pavement and a rear Metzler Tourance for instance).

I guess if I'm going to be replacing these things every 15k miles or anywhere in between that and my current 43k miles I'm not willing to pay what is it, $300? The Galfer option sounds better but what type of comparable wear factor will I get there? Are there other options?

I love riding this thing, but I'm getting a bit overwhelmed this last riding season with the expenses involved in maintaining it... and I'm even doing it all in my garage now :(
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