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my konvoi experience!

Hello guys!
I just found this thread about "konvoi" and caught my eye. I am a konvoi costumer since the summer of 2010. I got my sidecases with a bit of elay, one week if I remember preciselly, I payed for the racks (supports) but didn't get them. I contacted Istvan and he claimed that he sent the supports but didn't arrived cos they have been damaged on the way and returned to him damaged. I was making preparations for a trip from Cyprus to Romania, through Turkey and Bulgaria. So I was late getting my bike ready cos I had no supports for the panniers. My only solution was to manufacture myself the supports for the panniers and when I was in Romania I payed the guy a visit and got the supports that I payed for. I did another 700 km from my city to his city just to finish the deal. I was happy with the result and the quality of the product, Istvan is a good manufacturer, but he lacks bussines disciplne. I feel sorry for him cos he lost his wife that year. I thought he overcomed all his problems but I see he managed to make a bad reputation of himself. Stil got the konvoi lagguage sistem, very happy with it, felt down few times and still good.
PS: I am romanian living n Cyprus (for now), probably I was lucky my trip was to Romania not to somewhere else and I managed to get what I payed for.
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