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I have to agree with this.

Based on my last two new Gibson's, a 60's Tribute LP Studio goldtop, and 50th Anniversary Jeff Tweedy SG (both made in USA) I'm inclined to agree with you. Both play pretty well, but fit and finish aren't very good. I bought my brother a Schecter PT Telecaster for his birthday a few years ago, the shiny black with creme binding (really good-looking guitar) and the fit and finish was much better than than either Gibson, and the Jeff Tweedy SG was nearly $2k, compared to around $350 for the Schecter.

The LP Studio has a wonky, noisy pickup selector, and the P90's are very harsh. I think Fender does a better job with fit and finish on instruments under $2k. That said, I played a pretty cool MIM Tele Deluxe a few weeks ago that I considered buying, but the hardware was absolute junk on it. The tailpeice was so badly finished that you could cut yourself on the metal spurs on it. Overall though I think Fender's are more consistent, but a Strat is a simply instrument to make than a LP so maybe that has something to do with it.

It seems to me that only thing that really distinguishes the $300 Epiphone and Squire stuff from the $1000 instruments is the more expensive ones are made in the USA and have more bling. For the most part the fit and finish and the quality of the parts seem similar to me.

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Sorry, guys. I'm just not getting the $2,500.00 and up Gibson love. I sell a lot of different brands of guitars, and no, I'm not a Gibson dealer. But I take them on trade or buy them from people all the time. I have to say it: You can get a better guitar from about 20 other manufacturers for half the price.

There was a time when Gibson actually gave a damn about quality. Maybe they still do on something. But the fit and finish on every modern day Gibson I've had through my shop was barely at or even below the standards I see from other manufacturers $500.00 guitars.

IMHO, Gibson is the Harley of guitars: Nothing really all that special, but for some completely unexplainable reason, people are willing to pay a premium price for a mediocre product.

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