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i got this bike used a couple months ago. the guy sold gave me a Sargent comfort seat in standard height. he sold the OEM standard height.

i's been ok. it is too dished out for me and impeded my ability to scoot around and only really has one seating position pretty much. but the bigger problem was angle of the seat. it pitched you forward, and i felt like i was sitting on a slant when all the way back planted in the seat. i found it uncomfortable on long stretches and i get super painful should ache. that being said, i know lots of people find the seat super comfortable so it's a personal thing.

i bought this TT low seat which on initial impression limited to short rides, the seat is much flatter. you can't tell really because the picture is deceiving. the cover is wrapped tightly and doesn't stick to the foam at the rear portion of the saddle. the foam is actually cut much flatter than you can see.

so far it's a winner. i will test on longer range hopefully soon....

for reference, i am 5'8" 30 " inseam (that's being generous sadly...) and i can stand on the balls of both feet with regular shoes on. haven't ridden with MX boots on yet but i suspect it should be fine.

also i tried the standard height TT comfort seat and it was too tall for me. i'm generally comfortable on tall bikes but it was too wide and too tall. so back to touratech it went. this is the low and it might be perfect.

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