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I did all the reseach on the Tiger and had made my mind up that that was the bike for me. Everyone said that after a test ride you will buy one. I organised a test ride on the XC and off I went to the dealer. Coming from a DR650 my intial impression was wow this is big in comparison, the front of the bike seemed so far away compared with the DR.
I was impressed with the power over the single pot I'd been used to but I must say I did not get the exitement feeling I was expecting from what all that I had read. The whistling engine note was also not really my cup of tree, although I know plenty of people love the unique Triumph Triple note.
I rode back to the dealer and told him my impressions, he said why not take the demo F650 out for a spin to compare, I was reluctant at first as I really had my heart set on the Tiger, but what the hell I thought.
As soon as I set off on the F650 I felt more "at home" and was flicking it between lanes in busy city traffic in no time, It also sounded better to me and even my missus said that sounds more like it when I dropped by the house as I had done half an hour earlier on the Tiger.
On returning to the dealer I was still disapointed that I had not took to the Tiger as I thought I would have done but then started to question the dealer on which he thought was the best bike of the two. He sold both so did not knock either of them but just said....... Look it comes down to personal choice and everyone is different in their taste and requirements etc. If we were all the same then they would just make one bike that suits everyone and that would be it.
I thought about this and for me the F650 did definately feel more of a fit for me, I would have liked to take a non XC Tiger out ot compare but it was not an option so I went away to think about. I ordered an F700GS three weeks later and await its arrival.
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