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Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
... If the rotor is thin AND the pads are really worn then you run the risk of blowing a puck and possibly locking the wheel....
AND BOY ... that could ruin your entire day!

IIRC, You being an aircraft mechanic - your comment has been permanently burned into a couple of the (few) remaining neurons I have left!

Thanks, having never seen it, I had not thought of/considered that possibility.
When I rebuild my calipers some distant number of miles from now, I'll be trying to figure out how the tolerances stack up and how badly this could go sideways.

On a somewhat related note... I was in the auto parts store a while back and a guy brought in a "worn out" rotor from some car...
It was worn down to the separation vanes on one side ..........there was no (continuous) metal bearing surface left..................
I wanted to buy the rotor to hang on the wall in my garage, but the guy wasn't going for it ..............
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